The Last SIGN You’ll Ever Buy

Our CORIAN INLAID SIGNS Will NEVER Fade, Split, Peel, or Rust!


Ground Signs from Performance Signage

Performance Signage, based just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, serves the entire United States, providing durable, everlasting interior and exterior signs. Our exterior ground signs have been used by companies needing wayfinding signs to navigate a park and subdivisions looking for a community entrance sign. Because our signs are made from DuPont Corian® instead of the usual metal, plastic, or wood, they are effective, economical and everlasting while remaining vibrant and attractive.

Read on further to learn the benefits of a ground sign from Performance Signage.

DuPont Corian® Ground Sign

Despite the advances in the paint used for traditional outdoor signs, paint-on-substrate (wood, metal or plastic) still fades, peels, cracks and chips. This is why Performance Signage does not use the paint-on-substrate method; instead, using sophisticated computer equipment, we have developed a process for cutting deep into the DuPont Corian® substrate we use as sign material.

When making an outdoor ground sign, we cut the image deep into the substrate, then use proprietary techniques and resins to inlay the required graphics. This inlay process makes the graphic images a permanent part of the sign, rather than something simply painted on. This is what makes it so durable, you’ll never replace Performance Signage’s ground signs because of weather damage, peeling, cracks, or chips.

All of this makes Performance Signage basically maintenance free. Inevitable accumulations of airborne particulates, road salt, bird droppings or markings placed by vandals can be easily removed with mild solvents or buffing with a fine abrasive pad. You won’t have to worry about the cost of replacement, because Performance Signage should last as long as you need it to.

If you are interested in an estimate on Performance Signage for your property, please contact us today by phone or email. One of our Sales Representatives will be happy to help you.