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Our CORIAN INLAID SIGNS Will NEVER Fade, Split, Peel, or Rust!


Community Entrance Signs

As more and more communities are built in the suburbs, it can be tough to distinguish one subdivision from another. This is where community entrance signs come in. The right community entrance sign can convey what type of community you live in while providing direction to visitors. Like a park entrance sign, a community entrance sign should be bright, clear, and informative while still embodying the personality of the community it signifies.

Performance Signage: A Unique Community Entrance Sign

Similarly to park entrance signs, community entrance signs need to be durable, able to stand up to a number of conditions. Because Performance Signage uses DuPont CorianĀ® instead of wood, metal, or plastic, the graphics on the sign are embedded directly into the sign’s material as opposed to painted upon it. This means that the graphics will not fade, peel, or chip away, as paint is wont to do.

Community entrance signage from Performance Signage is UV-stable, waterproof and non-porous, making it permanently resistant to damage from weather and more. The signs are created using a mix of old-school craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, using a computer-driven and hand-finished process to take your signage needs from concept to installation. We can work from artwork you provide to make your sign ideas a reality.

For more information, please continue browsing our website or contact us today to begin. Once you call or email us, you’ll be in contact with one of our expert Sales Representatives, who will work with you to make sure your signage needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively. We take pride in creating customized signage for our customers and as a result we handle all product and pricing inquiries, as well as order submissions, personally and promptly. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create the signage your community needs.