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Our CORIAN INLAID SIGNS Will NEVER Fade, Split, Peel, or Rust!


Vandal Proof Signs

Many companies claim to be able to create an exterior sign that can stand up to the elements and weather, insect damage, mildew. What these companies don’t take into account is damage that comes from people. While weather proof signage is essential, often signs need to be repaired or replaced due to vandalism, not due to rain, wind, sleet or snow. Entrance signage to parks is often tagged with graffiti. Performance Signage is the one company out there that makes truly vandal proof signs.

How We Craft a Vandal Proof Sign

When creating a vandal proof sign, we use a unique, proprietary technique that utilizes DuPont CorianĀ® material instead of wood, plastic, or metal. This material is easily cleaned using a buffer or orbital sander, making it easy to remove spray paint, markers, or even chewing gum. When you use vandal proof signs from Performance Signage, when you clean your sign, you will not be wiping your graphics away along with the graffiti. That’s because the graphics are actually inlaid in the sign’s material, making the graphics a part of the sign that does not fade, peel, or wipe away.

Each vandal proof sign from Performance Signage is created using a computer-driven, hand-finished process that integrates the lettering into the CorianĀ® surface. You will never have to replace this sign due to spray paint, marker, or chewing gum, and you won’t have to repaint the graphics on either, since they are embedded within the sign.

In addition to being vandal proof, our signs are weather proof as well. Our unique process has eliminated discoloring, stains, mildew, cracks, chips and chalking.

For more information on our vandal proof signage, continue browsing our website or contact us by phone or email today. We look forward to hearing from you and providing the signage you need.