The Last SIGN You’ll Ever Buy

Our CORIAN INLAID SIGNS Will NEVER Fade, Split, Peel, or Rust!


Using Corian for Exterior Signage

Unlike most companies crafting exterior architectural signage, at Performance Signage we use a solid surface material created by DuPont in 1967, the brand name of which is Corian®. Composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate, the physical properties of Corian® allow it to be joined, shaped, and finished into a wide variety of products; most applications thus far have been in residential and commercial construction.

Performance Signage pioneered the use of Corian® for creating interior and exterior signage. Since cross section cuts show consistent color and particulate patterning and nicks and scratches can be easily buffed out with a Scotch-Brite pad or sander, it makes for a very versatile and durable material that can last virtually forever.

Whether you need an entrance sign for your business or a park road sign that will need to withstand the rigors of the outdoors through any season, Performance Signage can create the exterior signage that you need.

Benefits of Corian® Exterior Architectural Signage

Because the polymers used to create Corian® solid surface material are naturally impervious to moisture, thermally stable, and UV-resistant, no secondary layers or surface coatings are necessary to protect your exterior architectural signage. The signs are easy to clean and vandal-proof; fingerprints, graffiti and even chewing gum can be easily wiped away.

In addition, Performance Signage’s systems will not crack, chip, tear or peel, Graphics, inlaid in the sign itself rather than painted onto it, remain bright and the details remain clear. Graphics can be placed from ready-to-print digital art or camera-ready reflective art.

Please feel free to take a look at some of our work or contact us today if you’re ready to begin. We look forward to working with you to create a bright and bold sign that will outlast any other.